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The Last Judgment - $85.00  (April,預訂)

by Michelangelo Buonarotti

Fresco, Altar Wall of the Sistene Chapel, 1537-41

Dimensions: 12.75"x14.25"
Size: Large (Standard)
329 pieces
SKU: 1016

The Last Judgment The Last Judgment
The Last Judgment 

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Storm on the Sea of Galilee - $105.00 (Yajen,預訂)


by Rembrandt Harmenz van Rijn, 1633

Rembrandt's only known seascape, this painting was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in March 1990 and remains missing twenty years later.

The Gardner Museum Heist (including interviews)

Dimensions: 13.75"x17.25"
Size: Large (Standard)
538 pieces
SKU: 1726

storm-on-the-sea-of-galilee-image-300.jpg storm-on-the-sea-of-galilee-puzzle-300.jpg storm-on-the-sea-of-galilee-closeup-500.jpg storm-on-the-sea-of-galilee-back-300.jpg storm-on-the-sea-of-galilee-whimsy-500.jpg

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Views of Ancient Rome - $95.00 (Joanne純,預訂)

Gallery of Views of Ancient Rome, Givanni Paolo Pannini, 1758.

Dimensions: 17.50"x12.75"
Size: Large (Standard)
472 pieces
SKU: 1826

view-of-ancient-rome-image-500.jpg view-of-ancient-rome-puzzle-500.jpg view-of-ancient-rome-closeup-500.jpg view-of-ancient-rome-back-500.jpg view-of-ancient-rome-whimsy-500.jpg

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