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Jefferson National Expansion Historical Association
Photographer: John Wagner
size: 11.5*35.5 inches
Made in the U.S.A.


2020.02.22 500pcs Saint Louis - Gateway the to West (2).jpg  


Box description:
Jefferson wilderness west of the historic building tell the National Mississippi River. The Gateway Arch, part of JEFFERSON story of St. Louis from its Expansion Museum of Westward the 91-acre Jefferson NATIONAL humble beginnings as a Memorial National Expansion Expansion beneath the EXPANSION fur trading post to the Memorial. The Gateway Arch tells the WOS HIS TORICAL present day. Together,
established as a purposes of JNEHA, as ASSOCIATION story of America's the Gateway Arch, the National Park in 1935 to set forth in its charter westward drive Museum of Westward Jefferson National commemorate the include public beginning with the
Expansion and the Old Expansion Historical westward expansion of education about the Louisiana Purchase of Courthouse unite to Association is an history of the westward the United States. 1803 and concluding educational, not-for-provide a superb, expansion begun by Designed by architect with the closing of the comprehensive journal profit organization Thomas Jefferson. Eero Saarinen, the 630'
frontier by 1900. The and monument to a supporting the Products sold by the Gateway Arch stands Old courthouse, site of turning point in St. Louis interpretive and Association help as a monument to the the first two Dred Scot and American history. educational programs develop and maintain pioneers, explorers, trials, is now the of the National Park quality visitor programs trappers, traders, gold-
headquarters for the EARTH-WISE DESIGN Service. Based in St. which emphasize the
seekers, missionaries, To help reduce post-consumer National Park Service in Louis, Missouri, JNEHA waste, we have packaged this preservation and histor-and soldiers who St. Louis. Museum was established in 1961 full-size panoramic puzzle in a ical significance of the opened the vast smaller more compact box. galleries located in this and is located at the westward movement.

    Jefferson National Expansion H

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