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RRS Charles Darwin 以退役,現由RRS James Cook於2007年取代其任務。


" RRS Charles Darwin has clocked up a formidable 787,000 nautical miles - equivalent to travelling 32 times around the world.

Built by Appledore Ship Builders in North Devon, the 69 metre long multi-purpose ship has undertaken a wide range of scientific operations with her complement of 18 scientific and technical staff and 22 officers and crew. She has operated on a worldwide basis since delivery, including a three-year 'Around the World' scientific cruise between 1986 and 1989.

RRS Charles Darwin's first cruise in 1985 was led by Professor John Gould working in the Northeast Atlantic. The work he was doing then has led to an international project that monitors the oceans from space called Argo. Satellites are used to track some 3000 floats that give readings of temperature and speeds of ocean currents around the world. Her final cruise will be a geophysical survey exercise led by Dr Dave Smith of the British Geological Survey.

Among the many research programmes involving RRS Charles Darwin, has been the research of rapid climate change. Researchers from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton have been investigating the slowing down of the Gulf Stream which, in turn, could lead to a cooling of western Europe's climate by several degrees." (NERC, 2006)

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Source 2:Research Ship Schedules & Information, NOC (all below)

Length (M):  69.40       Range (n. mi.):      9240        Crew:           12
Beam (M):    14.40       Endurance (days):      42        Officers:        9
Draft (M):    4.85       Cruise speed (kt):   11.0        Scientists:     18
Gross Tons:   1936       Max. speed (kt):     13.0        Air Cond.:     yes
Power (HP):   7950       Aux. Power (HP):

Main vessel activity
     Year built: 84
     Ocean area where vessel operates: Atlantic Ocean; Indian Ocean; Pacific Ocean
Capacities and working spaces
     Dry cargo holds:                   256m3
     Fuel:                              453m3
     Fresh water:                        72m3
     Wet laboratories (total area):      16m2
     Dry laboratories (total area):     130m2
     Fresh water generator capacity:      0m3
     Freeboard to working deck:         2.7m
     Free working deck area:            336m2
     Space for container laboratory:      4m x    20m
Design Particulars
     Hull materials: Steel
Energy sources
     Main engine(s): number:  3 make: Diesel El model:
     Power (BHP) each main engine:   7950 at    875rpm
     Diameter and max. rpm propeller:      0.000m     195rpm
     Total power auxiliary diesels:      0HP
Electrical systems
     AC Voltage:    415/   110V, total    200kVA,      3phase,     50Hz
     AC Voltage:    240/     0V, total     12kVA,      1phase,     60Hz
     DC Voltage:      0V, total      0V
     Stabilized system for scientific equipment:    240VAC    200AMP     50Hz
Fixed equipment
     Navigation and communication
     Nav. equip: Radar Loran Decca SatNav Gyro EMLog
     Comms: Fax SatCom
     Comm sat:
     Echosounders for scientific research:     10kHz     38kHz
     Provisions for silent ship operation: Silent Ship
     Oceanographic winches:   number:  2
       Steel wire length:         7000m, safe working load:     22tons
       Conducting cable length:    999m, safe working load:      0tons
       Trawl winch length:        7000m, safe working load:     22tons
       Other, specify:
                   length:           0m, safe working load:      0tons
       Position: Stern, Midships
       Clearance above deck:   7m and outboard extension:   0m
       Safe working load at max. reach:    26tons
       Position: Stern, Midships
       Clearance above deck:   8m and outboard extension:   5m
       Safe working load at max. reach:    12tons
     Other winches for instruments or sampling:

Electronic data processing equipment permanently available on board
     Computer: SUN MICROSYSTEMS (3) 3/60: : DOS,
               40-80 MB. WINCHESTER
Vessel construction and maintenance supervision
     Construction supervised by:
       Classification Society: LLOYDS
       Others, specify:
Published vessel data
     Magazine: Uk Research Vessels Cruise


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