2019.08.17 1000pcs Reception (芬蘭文Vastaanotto).jpg  
Artist: Raija Nokkala
size: 48*68 cm

2019.08.17 1000pcs Reception (芬蘭文Vastaanotto).jpg  

Box description:
'Raija Nokkala tells stories with her art. There is always a pinch of humour and a warm naive world in her parintings, a world as colourful as life itself. Her trademarks have been paintings that reach the frames and deep, blaing colours.

Raija Nokkala is known for creating moving characters, which can be either animals or humans. The stories, however, tell tales of people and moods, tales that can be told better through paintings than words. Her paintings take place in a world where everyone gets along, thus representing a silent plea for a better world - maybe this is why there is always insurmountable joy in them.'






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