RRS James Clark Ross 1998

All information below adopted from BAS website: (for my personal interest)




Port of Registry:
Call Sign:
Length overall:
Full load draft:
Bow thruster:
Stern thruster:

Stanley, Falkland Islands
374033924 (Fax)
Lloyds +100A1 Ice Class IAS +LMS UMS (DP-AM pending)
99.04 m
18.85 m
6.40 m
3.308 m
12 knots cruising speed: 57 days
Diesel Electric, single fixed propeller, 8500 SHP
White Gill 360° Controllable, 10 tonnes thrust
White Gill 360° Controllable, 4 tonnes thrust
Intering Active/Passive, incorporating ice heeling and overside load compensation
Officers 12 (+1 on science cruises)
Ratings 15
Doctor 1

Scientific/Expedition Accommodation

15 single berth (with Pullman berth) (14 available on science cruises)
4 x 4-berth
Chief Scientist's Suite (2 single berths available)
Maximum science complement: 31 berths

Ship's Navigation Outfit

Sperry Marine Integrated Bridge System, incorporating:
Sperry Mk37 Mod E Dual Gyro Compasses
Sperry Autopilot Model ADG
Sperry Nav System incorporating Decca Navigator

Electronic Positioning:

Leica MX 400 DGPS
Ashtech G12 DGPS
Furuno Loran C (Note: differential correction data via Racal Skyfix


Standard magnetic Cook NSK1977 electric repeater

Electronic Charting and Plotting:

Sea Information System Microplot 6 Version Survey MR
ARCS chart display
World grid (Fleming Sinusoidal
UTM projections
Sperry Chart Digitiser 'E' size, interfaced with navigation system



Echo sounders:

Marconi Marine Seachart 3 Navigational Souner
Marconi Marine Seachart 3 Manoeuvering Sounder (Stern Transducer)
Simrad EA500 Hydrographic Sounder
Furuno CSH50 Directional Sounder
Simrad EK500 200 Hz Transducer


Sperry SRD 421S Dual Axis Doppler Log
Chernikeef Aquaprobe Mk 5 EM Log


Space Technology MSGS-30 Satellite Picture Receiver, with printer

Working Deck Areas

After Deck 20 m long, full deck width (370 m²)
Starboard: 5 m wide to midship (150 m²)
Forward: Starboard side main deck (130 m&'178;)
All working deck areas covered by matrix of 1-tonne capacity bolt-down points at 1 m centres (0.5 m in some areas)
Facilities for 5 laboratory containers (ISO 20 ft, 4 aft, 1 fwd)



Main Cargo Crane 20 tonne x 20 m
Stores Crane 2.5 tonne x 10 m
Science Crane 2 tonne x 4 m, fitted winch and slip rings


10 tonne x 17 m, 3 tonne x 22 m
2 x 2.5 tonne capacity science cranes (with winches), pt 13 m, stb 10 m



Articulated 'A' frame SWL 20 T (static) (7.5 T SWL ArtArm.)
2x2 tonne handling winches on gantry frame


Articulated 'A' frame SWL 30 T (static)
2x2 tonne handling winches adjacent

Winch Systems

Main Traction Winch 30 T SWL (serving aft and midship gantries):

Storage Drums - Superaramid Deep Coring Warp - 8000 m
Standard Coring Warp - 8000 m
Tapered Trawl Warp - 15000 m
Conducting Cable - 10000 m

CTD/Hydrographic Traction Winch 10 T SWL:

Storage Drums - Hydrographic Wire - 9000 m
Conducting Cable - 8000 m
Spare Drum
(Inboard and outboard motion compensator systems are fitted to both winches)
Biological Drum Winch: 3000 m 5 T SWL

Twin Warp Trawling System:

3000 m x 2 x 35.8 T
(A net drum winch is available for mounting on the main deck)
Gilson Winches: 2 x 5 T


Wet Laboratory (23.5 m²)
Main Laboratory (44.2 m²)
Rough Workshop (25.9 m²)
Scientific Workshop (19.6 m²)
Waterbottle Annex (18.1 m²
Chemistry Laboratory (18.1 m²)
Preparation Laboratory: (16.3 m²)
Biochemistry Laboratory (10.6 m²)
Microbiology/Radioactive Laboratory (10.7 m²)

Computer/Electronic/Control Spaces

Underway Instrumentation and Control Room (66.8 m²)
(incorporating Winch Control Room)
Electronics Workshop (7.2 m²)
Data Preparation Room (16.5 m²)
Computer Room (19.2 m²)
Paper and Magnetic Tape Ready-use Store (4.6 m²)
Darkroom (7.4 m²)

Other Scientific Spaces

Gravity Meter Room (5.2 m²)
Cool Specimen Room (13 m²)
Scientific Freezer (12.4 m²)
-80°C Scientific Chest Freezers x2
Scientific Hold (118 m²)
Explosives Magazine (15 T)
Hazardous Chemicals Lockers (Main Deck)
Storm Clothing Annex

Scientific Data Acquisition

Local Area Network system with back-up is installed for cruise instrumentation and equipment. Instrumentation continuously logged on the central computing systems. Facilities are available for data transmission via satellite to and from the ship.

Scientific Instrumentation

Echo Sounders and Logs

Simrad EA 500 navigational sounders
Simrad EK 500, 38 kHz, 200 kHz and 120 kHz transducers
Sub-bottom Profiler, 3.5 kHz
Precision Echo Sounder, 10 kHz
Furuno CSH50 directional sounder
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (RDI type RD-VDM150)
Pitch, Roll, Heave monitor/compensator
Dual Axis Doppler Log (Sperry SRD 421 S)
Electro-Mechanical Log (Chernikeef Aquaprobe Mk5)


Further information regarding these systems is on the Antarctic & Marine Engineering (AME) pages.

Navigation and Oceanography

Ship's navigation system repeated in UIC Room
Trimble 4000 Surveyor DGPS (Racal Skyfix)
PC based Oceanlogger
Ashtec GPS3DF - linked to ADCP
Dynamic Positioning System: Simrad Kongsberg SDPI 1

Scientific Services

Seismic Air Compressors

Hamworthy 4TH565W100 x 4 - capacity 555m³/hr at 136 bar

Non-contaminated Sea Water System

Retractable sampling probe 7.2/14 m³/hr

Distilled/UHP Water System

Elgastat polishing unit (ultra high purity) in chemistry laboratory

Hydraulic Power Supplies

Three pump system providing flow rates of 26, 52 and 78 ltrs/min at 200 bar to three deck manifolds (port/stb aft and midships)
Fwd deck manifold 50 ltrs at 200 bar
Hansen (female required) connections 1.25/1" BSP
Separate supplies for 'Gloria, MCS and Net Drum Winch'

Electrical Power Supplies

There are two standards of supply - general purpose which may at times have high harmonic content due to the thyristor-controlled propulsion system and clean which is provided by dedicated generators and is suitable for sensitive electronic equipment
415 v AC x 500 amo (scientific rough workshop) serving aft deck
415 v 50 Hz 3 Ph general purpose supply with 8 outlets (main deck)
240 v 50 Hz 3 Ph general purpose supply (PES pt and stb)
240 v 50 Hz 1 Ph general purpose supply with 5 outlets (various)
110 v 50 Hz 1 Ph general purpose supply to all working areas
240 v 50 Hz 1 Ph clean supply to most areas - i.e. labs, cabins, workshops etc.
110 v 60 Hz 1 Ph clean supply to limited areas - 10 outlets

Container Laboratories

Facilities and services for four containers on aft deck and one container on the fwd deck



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