NOCS new discovery of [deep-sea gromiids] 



來自英國NOC(國家海洋研究中心)學者:Nina Rothe,Richard Pearce。
來自丹麥Aarhus University學者:Tomas Cedhagen。
來自瑞士University of Geneva學者: Jose Fahrni。
來自英國University of Southampton學者:Anton Page
其他單位學者:Andrew Gooday,Alan Hughes,Jan Pawlowski。


”Three new species of deep-sea gromiids – single-celled organisms bearing an uncanny resemblance to miniscule haggises – have been identified and formally described by a team of researchers led by scientists from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOCS).” (quoted from NOC website)



"Gromiids are large (more than 30 millimetres) amoeboid single-celled organisms that live within an organic shell or ‘test’, and possess retractable projections of the cell body called pseudopodia, which they use to move across the seafloor and to accumulate food particles. " (quoted from NOC website)


NOCS new discovery of [deep-sea gromiids] (image adopted from NOC website)


長相好特別,感覺是perfect circle,哈哈。


相關文獻:Rothe, N. et al. Three new species of deep-sea Gromia (Protista, Rhizaria) from the bathyal and abyssal Weddell Sea, Antarctica. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 157, 451–469 (2009).


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